Hillside overlooking a lake
Hillside overlooking a lake

Comfort in God


Reuben Mann

2 Corinthians 1:1-11


Love the Lord


Reuben Mann

Deuteronomy 5:1-33


Trust God


Reuben Mann

Deuteronomy 1:1-25


Cities in Acts



Graham Hilton

Acts 18:1-18

Cities in Acts

Hillside overlooking a lake

Sermon on the mount

June - August 2023, November - December 2023


September - December 2023

Sermons from Deuteronomy

Cities in Acts

Cities in Acts

July - August 2023

July - August 2023


Psalm 119 Volume 2

Spring 2023 (May 14th - June 18th)

Sermons from the longest Psalm

Faith under pressure

11th - 12th March 2023

Talks from our church weekend away (11-12 March 2023) from the book of Daniel

A Better Story

19th February 2023 onwards

The Bible is a better story.

A letter

2 Peter

January 1st - 29th 2023

Sermons from 2 Peter

Psalm 119

Psalm 119 Volume 1

Autumn 2022 (September 18th - October 23rd)

Sermons from the longest Psalm

People who met Jesus

Summer 2022 (July 24th - August 28th)

Sermons from the book of Luke.

What in Heaven is going on?

April 19th - May 31st 2020, and May 8th - June 26th 2022

Sermons from the book of Revelation

This is our God

This is our God

Apr 18th - Jul 11th 2021, Jan 9th - May 1st 2022

Sermons from the book of Exodus.

Weekend away 2022: James

12th - 13th March 2022

Messages from the book of James, from our 2022 weekend away.

Jesus is enough

Jesus is enough

Sep 5th - Dec 5th 2021

Sep 5th 2021 onwards

The privilege of being a sending church

19th - 26th Sep 2021


Jul 18th - Aug 22nd 2021

A summer mini-series in the book of 2 Kings.


Feb 28th - Mar 28th 2021

Blessing in disguise

Nov 8th 2020 - Feb 14th 2021

Continuing through the book of Genesis, this series covers the lives of Jacob's children, in particular, Joseph. At Emmanuel we love to work systematically work through these great and true stories in the Bible.

1 Peter

Sep 6th - Oct 18th 2020

Growing in Grace

June 7th - July 5th 2020

A new series in the book of Genesis, although actually it's an old series we left off a while ago, and we are coming back to it in the middle of this book. That's what we love to do at Emmanuel, to work systematically through these great and true stories in the Bible.

Palm Sunday & Easter

April 5th - 12th 2020

Comfort in Distress

March 22nd - 29th 2020

Our services have moved online, with pre-recorded video messages.

Weekend Away 2020: Elijah

14th - 15th March 2020