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In the Beginning

September and October 2018

To the Ends of the Earth

April - June 2018

Sermons from the book of Acts April - June 2018...


January 2018


September 2017 onwards

Stories Jesus told

Stories Jesus told

July - September 2017


May - June 2017

As Reuben teaches and then as we chat over coffee and cake, come and explore how the ancient wisdom of the Bible book of Proverbs is relevant to our lives today. 4pm at St John's Marlborough, with children's activities. 7 May: Why study Proverbs? 14 May: Why are the stakes so high? 21 May: How can we find the good life? 28 May: Truth and lies about love 4 June: Two invitations, one choice And more to follow......


Easter 2017


February and March 2017

A thrilling series of Sunday sermons in the book of Jonah, ideal for guests. All welcome!...

What is church?

January 2017

What is church? What does it mean to be a church member? In January 2017 at our Sunday services and mid-week home group we're studying the Bible's answers to these questions. Do come along! Our fantastic book of the term is Why Church Matters by Joshua Harris, order your copy from Reuben (£11 £7) or ask to borrow one!...


From September 2016


August 2016