A kids’ club for Junior School Years 3 to 6

Fun, games, tuck and a short Bible talk!

Fridays, every two weeks.

For venue & other information please contact explorers@emmanuelmarlborough.org

26th Apr 6pm-7.30pm Highland Games Why do bad things happen if God is there?
10th May 6pm-7.30pm Smothie Making Doesn’t God just spoil my fun?
17th May 4pm-6pm Egyptian Adventure Kids’ Event at St John’s – RSVP
7th Jun 6pm-7.30pm Science Spectacular Has science killed God?
14th Jun 6pm-7.30pm Airborne Is there only one way to God?
21st Jun 6pm-7.30pm Spy Kids What’s so special about Jesus?
5th Jul 5:30pm-7.30pm Pewsey Downs Adventure Why are we here?
12th Jul 6pm-7.30pm Water Fight What happens when people die?
19th Jul 6pm-7.30pm Family Forest Fun Guest Speaker