How to really live?


Reuben Mann

John 6:52-71


Can Jesus back up his claims?


Reuben Mann

John 6:1-21


What's the truth?


Reuben Mann

John 5:1-40


How to live in God's kingdom?


Reuben Mann

John 3:1-36


Over the past weeks and months our TV screens have been filled with images of people wanting to make a new life for themselves – people wanting to live in a new land. First there were the issues at Calais, some of you might have seen that first hand on your summer holidays. Thousands of people wanting to live in the United Kingdom. But I guess even that paled as we began to be shocked by the other TV images: Boats sinking in the Mediterranean; Crowds walking down motorways across Europe. How to live in Europe, the crowds were asking. Important and serious as that question is, the question in our Bible reading this afternoon is even more important. How to live, not just in Europe; How to live, not just in the United Kingdom; But how to live in God’s kingdom?

Who am I? Who is God?


Reuben Mann

John 1:35-51


The Bible starts with God – his identity and how he’s revealed himself to us. Start there and there’ll be dramatic implications first for our identity and for our relationships – first with him – and then with others.

Who's the Messiah?


Reuben Mann

John 1:19-34


There’s a bigger problem to solve. A problem that’s bigger than money and bigger than family. A problem no hero either. Only the Messiah can solve our deepest problem. But who is he?

What's the key to life?


Reuben Mann

John 1:1-14


How to grow?


Reuben Mann

Colossians 2:6-7


The question we’re asking today, is how to grow? Not how to grow taller, I can’t really help you to grow taller. We could lie you down and I could pull your feet while someone else pulls your hair, but I’m not sure that would work! No the question is, how to grow as Christians?

Psalm 96


Reuben Mann

Psalms 96:1-13


Bless You


Reuben Mann

Psalms 1:1-6


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Stories Jesus told

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As Reuben teaches and then as we chat over coffee and cake, come and explore how the ancient wisdom of the Bible book of Proverbs is relevant to our lives today. 4pm at St John's Marlborough, with children's activities. 7 May: Why study Proverbs? 14 May: Why are the stakes so high? 21 May: How can we find the good life? 28 May: Truth and lies about love 4 June: Two invitations, one choice And more to follow......


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